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Working with Taylor Knight and Anna Thompson, the co-founding artistic directors of slowdanger, we took inspiration from lighting, neon lighting, technology, and form. We ultimately used glass-like graphics that gave a sense of the ethereal and modernity. 


slowdanger is a project-based multidisciplinary performance entity based out of Pittsburgh PA creating works at the intersection of movement, sound, and technology. slowdanger aims to bring audiences closer to their own bodies through performance, immersive experiences, and open-level workshops, cultivating kinesthetic empathy through creating community in transformational embodied experiences.

SUPERCELL is an evening-length multidisciplinary quintet performance responding to climate consciousness, media sensationalism, desensitization, and environmental collapse. The title refers to supercells, large storms of deep, persistent updrafts often resulting in many tornadoes. While supercells are terrifying, ominous, and harbingers of great damage, they are simultaneously breathtaking environmental events when witnessed from afar. The effect is similar to sensationalist media, instantly amplifying catastrophic events for an insatiable public consumption. The work begs the question, how do we cultivate hope during continually uncertain times?


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