In a Sea of Names

Recently, I had been reading articles about the new trend of parents giving their children gender-neutral names. Some parents choose to give the child a name that is flexible with their ever-growing identity. I was interested to know how these individuals felt about their gender-neutral name. For the project, I interviewed several participants about how their parents chose their name, and if they felt it gave them any advantages or disadvantages through life. Their answers and experiences were varied, and I used the layout of the book to introduce the participants first by just their name. I then used photography to continue this theme of a limited introduction, and a black and white palette to signify neutrality. The addition of clear embossing powder gives the reader a light tactile experience while flipping through the pages. The paper  also softens the quality of the photographs, which introduce each person through obscure detail shots. 

Art Direction

Dermot McCormack

Photography excluding portraits

Austen Hart