Notes on a Permeable Husk

The book is achieved in collaboration with designer, artist, and coordinator Juan Hurtado Salazar. Notes on a Permeable Husk consisted
of a month long program involving a range of workshops taking place in the Hales Project Room. The cover of the publication is made from white porcelain, 
unglazed and smooth, with the title hand written and laser etched to create a subtle tactility. The ancient weight of the ceramic envelops the lighter, ephemeral paper. A theme that could be seen throughout the program was a sense of collage and culmination from disparate sources, and so a variety of half sheets, velum paper, and color were arranged in a way that may allude to this. Much of Hurtado Salazar's thinking behind Notes was not in solidifying a general aesthetic for the exterior perspective, but rather in involving artists with workshops who would strive to create a better connection between Hales Gallery and the community it was built  in. The book is the final culmination of the project, a series of notes to a future space. 


Sam Fritch