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Pancho's Cafe in Philadelphia was hosting an event to bring the community together to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day. As a small family-owned, woman-run restaurant serving traditional Mexican food, they looked to create a voice that was welcoming the public to sit down with one another to eat meals that contributed to funds that supported children at the Mexico-US border. This was an amazing project to work on to help dismantle a systemic issue around ICE.

In order to advertise the upcoming event, I helped create a variation of posters that could be pasted throughout neighborhoods to help spread the word. We chose to add illustrations that highlighted some of the cuisine that would be featured on the menu.​With every donation, patrons would receive a commemorative tee. I wanted to make something people would continue to wear beyond the event. Using important Mexican iconography that they guided me to, I created a graphic that was sensitive to the fact I was not a Mexican person, designed to respect a culture that was not my own.

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